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3 steps to unboxing your order

The 3 steps to unboxing your order. Your very first Avon or Justine starting order has arrived, and now its time to unpack your box. 

Exciting! Your very first Avon or Justine starting order has arrived, and now its time to unpack your box.

The process of unpacking a box is not rocket science, I know. Open box, unpack.

The reason for this post is to help you to understand what to expect with the first order, and how it is different to your successive orders in a campaign.  I’ll also show you what to do in the case of a mistake with your order.


Your very first order will have the following items

  • The Products you ordered
  • 2 x brochures for the next campaign (1 free, 1 charged for)
  • Avon Rep brochure called Let’s Talk or Justine Consultant brochure called Just For You.
  • Paperwork for your order (picking slip, invoice & account statement)
  • Avon Journey/Justine Journey training book for your first 90 days in the business.
  • Your first gift from the Sign Up For Success program.

You may have these additional items too

  • Any promotional flyers or incentive info
  • Any FREE products you or your customer may have qualified for with the order.
Any other orders invoiced in the same month will not include any brochures or the Let’s Talk/Just For You. These will be sent with the first order of every month after.


Using your invoice, take each item out of the box and mark it off as you go along. Once you have unpacked everything, you should have marked off each item on your invoice too.

The price for each item will reflect on your invoice. Any bundle offers from the brochure will be invoiced as individual items, but the prices in the “brochure amount” column will still add up to the special price in the brochure.

Since the invoicing of your order is automated, any human error is eliminated.

In the extremely unlikely event that you find anything wrong with your order, here’s what to do to fix it.

Now that you have checked your order, store your documents in a safe place as you may need to refer to it later for any possible returns.


  • Place each customer’s orders in a separate bag, along with their copy of the customer order slip found in your Start Smart Bag.

  • Add a brochure for the coming month with your contact details on it.
  • Add a “thank you” note. You can use my Canva template here (make a copy before you edit it) or make your own.

  • Tie the bag with a ribbon.
  • Contact the customer to let them know you have it ready and confirm the amount. It’s best to confirm if the customer will need change so you can be prepared when you meet.

  • Never ever leave the products with the customer without accepting payment at the same time.
customer thank you note


I really hope you’re enjoying your business since you started, and also that you’re finding these posts useful.   Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts.

To your success!



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I’m here to help you have a successful direct sales business and to encourage my fellow lady bosses to just go for it!

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