Congrats on starting with Justine!

I’m here to help you get started with Justine, as well as to teach you how to become a successful consultant.

I’ve been selling Justine since 2004, and I still love it!

I’m happy to be your team leader (upline), whether its directly or via one of my downline leaders in the team, and I am excited to be able to show you the steps to take to be successful in your Justine business.

I’ve been where you are.  Its the start of something exciting, but you’re also wondering if this was the right choice for you.

You’re wondering if you really can make money with this Justine business?

And believe me, I had those same thoughts too.

I can safely say a resounding YES! you CAN make money with this business.  But you have to be prepared to put in some effort.

On to the first bit of info for your new business…

Important notes for new consultants

  • GOLDEN RULENEVER give products to customers without receiving FULL payment immediately.  Start running your business on a strict payment-on-delivery basis from the day one.

  • Justine Campaign Schedule – All campaigns run for a calendar month, from the 1st to the 30th/31st, whichever is applicable.  All orders MUST be submitted by 6pm on the last day of the month.

  • Brochure validity – All prices in the brochure are valid for the current month only.   You cannot place orders from 2 different campaigns in the same month. (Example June & July). You cannot place an order for the next month until the current month is over, you also cannot order from an expired brochure.

  • MOV – All orders must reach the minimum order value of R550 at brochure price in order to be invoiced.  If you place an order less than that, it will go on hold until you place more orders to make up the difference.  These multiple small orders will then be merged together to form one large order, which will be processed on one invoice.

  • Communication – Head office uses an automated SMS system that is programmed to send you an sms for specific triggers, like when your order has been invoiced, when an order is on hold, when your order is out on delivery with the courier. This is to keep you updated with what is happening on Justine your account.  Please ensure that you keep your details updated whenever there is a change to your cell number, email address or physical addresses for home and delivery, to avoid any mistakes with orders.

  • Manage your expectations– Like with any other business, expect that you WILL have many really great days, but also some not-so-great ones.  There will be days where a customer frustrates you, or where a product might be out of stock, or where you can’t access your back-office account for some reason.  This is the reality in the direct selling industry, regardless of which company’s products you’re selling.  All I ask is, when you are faced with one of those not-so-great days, DO NOT PANIC, and to reach out to me (or your immediate upline) and let’s get the issue sorted.  You’ll be surprised to find out how many of them can be sorted with relative ease.