When you started with Justine, you would have had ideas in mind of what you wanted to do with your extra money.  So on this page I’d like to help you plan to reach those goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to make a few extra Rands to spend, or you have a large amount that you’d like to reach, its immaterial to me.  Your goals are exactly that, YOURS.  My job is to help you get there.


When I started my business, I was running it in a very haphazard, disorganized fashion.  I knew where I wanted to be within 6 months, and a year later, but it was all in my head, I never actually wrote it down. Sound familiar yet?  🙂

Once I decided to put pen to paper, I quickly realised that I needed a business plan. And once I finished it, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It helped me to understand exactly what I needed to do to stay on track, reach my goals, and it also helped me stay accountable to myself.

Putting that business plan together took me quite a while though, as I had to do a lot of research.  So to help you, I have created the following business plan form.

This form will help you to fill in the details for your business plan, and once you submit it, it will send you your personalised business plan via email.  I really urge you to use it, you will be so glad you did.  Having a business plan will not only help you reach your goals but it will also help you have the business owner mindset.

One of the mistakes many Justine Consultants make is that they don’t look at their Justine business as serious means of income, but more as that thing they do “on the side”. This causes many not to take it seriously, and eventually end up in the “it didn’t work for me” crowd.


You may hear the term “think of it as a business” many times, but in my opinion most new consultants have no business experience, and no idea how to run a business.  If you treat it like a job, you will show up every day like you do to a job, and you will do the activities required every day in your job, to ensure that you still have that source of income.

When you treat your Justine business seriously, your customers will too. They will see that you are in it for the long haul & are going to be a consultant they can depend on.