One of the most valuable exercises in your Justine business, is making a customer list.  It might feel a bit overwhelming at first, so use our team’s memory jogger to help you along.  I’m sure one of the reasons you joined Justine was because you love the products, so this is your opportunity to list people who you can share that excitement with. You may also have friends and family who would don’t have a reliable consultant that they can purchase from, so this is where you can become their favourite Justine consultant.  Remember one of the golden rules in our business…


Your business can’t succeed if nobody knows you have one!  So use this list to build your business.  They will become a one of the 2 C’s – a customer or a connector to someone else who will become a customer, so don’t prejudge!  The key to growing your business is to get your Justine brochure, whether its paper or online version, in as many hands as possible.

A point to remember: your aim should NOT be to convince them to buy from you.  Don’t get invested in the outcome of your interaction with them. 

So you’re probably thinking that seems a bit counter-intuitive right?  Not so.

Having the mindset of just spreading the word about your business relieves the stress and nervousness on you about talking to more people.  You’ll find that you are more at ease, and are more confident in your interaction with your prospective customers, because you have no expectation for an outcome.   You’ll also find that they will be more willing to interact with you, because you are not creating an expectation in their minds, that they are obligated to buy from you.


Click the image below  to open it in a new window and then save it, or right-click the image to download to your computer immediately.

  • Do make your list as long as possible. It’s your greatest asset when starting out.

  • Do strive to make your list at least 100 people strong.  If 5 say no thanks, you still have 95 others who say yes. If your list is short, and 5 say no thanks, you’ll feel disappointed.

  • Don’t pre-judge.  Get those limiting beliefs of “she won’t want to buy my products”, or “she uses {brand name} products and won’t buy mine” out of your head.  You never know what people will do, or who they could lead you to.  They could still become a source of a referral if they don’t buy themselves.

  • Don’t procrastinate.  If you think they’re great, someone else probably does too, and they could become someone else’s best customer. Don’t leave it to the last minute, when they may not have the time or energy to consider buying from you.

  • Don’t let the “no, thank you”s get in the way of your goals.  Not everyone is going to want to purchase from you immediately.  Most of them is just a “not right now” and they hope you will come back again some time in the future to ask them again.
    Ask yourself: What is greater; the risk or the reward?
    Stay confident, you’ve got this!