How to return Justine products

How to return Avon Justine products

At some time you may need to return an Avon or Justine product.

Our company has made this really easy to return Avon Justine products with the new, faster returns channel using Paxi Returns.  This new Avon Justine Paxi Returns solution is designed to support you, so you’ll be able to return your products directly to the Avon Justine warehouse, without having to involve your upline leader, allowing you to continue running your Avon/Justine business.


  • Order the tamper-proof Returns Bag with your next order (so you have it before you need it)

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Avon code: 860136 Avon code: 860138
How to return Avon Justine products
  • Complete the picking slip with the relevant info and sign in the area marked “account holder”.  No other signatures are needed. 

    I recommend making a copy of (or scanning) your signed, completed picking slip before placing it in the bag.

How to return Avon Justine products
  • Pack all your return items into a small box of one of your previous orders.

    Or alternatively wrap it in some old newspaper or bubble wrap. This provides cushioning to prevent it from being damaged in transit.

  • Place your sealed package & signed picking slip inside the Returns bag, and seal the bag as per the instructions printed on the outside of the bag.

    Do not place the token in the bag

How to return Avon Justine products
  • Head over to your nearest Pep store paxi point with your sealed Returns Bag & token.  The cashier will scan the token and your ID/passport.  A return label, which is linked to your token number,  will be attached to the bag.  You will receive an SMS shortly after, as confirmation that your return has been received.

    Keep the token in a safe place for tracking purposes. 

How to return Avon Justine products


  • The amount you were charged for the products will be credited to your Avon/Justine account in 10 working days.
  • Both sizes of bags cost R5.
  • You may only use approved Avon Returns or Justine Returns Bags to send back products.
  • Once the return has been processed, and the amount credited to your account, a R20 return fee will be charged to your account to cover transportation and admin costs.
  • This fee is charged for each Returns Bag you send, so plan your returns wisely to save on costs.
  • All returned products must not be older than 60 days of the invoice date.
  • You can return as many products as you need, even if they are from different invoices.
  • Should your return consist of products from more than 1 invoice, remember to include the required picking slips for each invoice.
  • Pre-order your Returns Bags so you already have them when you need to do a return. Aim to have at least 2 bags at any given time so you always have a backup between your last return and your next order arrival.
  • If the customer has already paid for the item, they have the option to exchange it for a different product or have their purchase price refunded as stated in the Satisfaction Guarantee printed in every brochure. If they choose a different product, place it with your next order and exchange the old one for the new product with the customer, once you’ve received it. Your initial cost will be reimbursed once the credit has been processed.
  • If they choose to be refunded, do so as soon as you receive the unwanted product from the customer.
  • If you have a held order that needs to be released after dropping off your return, email the scanned copy to Credit Control
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