how to return justine products

While most customers are excited to receive their orders and are very happy with their purchases, there may come a time where you’ll need to return a product which you are not able to sell.  This is not a complicated process, but there a few important things to remember.

  • All products to be credited must be returned to the warehouse within 90 days of the invoice date of the order it was shipped with.

  • All products you are returning MUST be in their original packaging, and unused.  The only exception in this case is if the product has been opened and was found to have a manufacturing fault, which you’ll need to indicate on the picking slip.

  • The purchase price for the product will reflect in your Justine account once it has been processed.  Since the customer purchased the product from you, the independent consultant, you are expected to refund the customer the full purchase price in the event of a return.



Make a copy of the relevant picking slip for that order (never send the original)


In the corresponding line, indicate the amount of products with that code you are sending back in the column called R&A QTY.   In this example, we are returning 1 of the 4 Tissue  Oil Body Butter (product code 0751) purchased because the customer mistakenly ordered 4 instead of 3.

picking slip top half


Using the R&A Codes on the right, find the code that is appropriate for why you are returning the product, and write it in the column.  In this case we are using R&A code 42.


Using the invoice which came with this product, write the price that you were charged (not the price in the brochure) for this item.


Sign the bottom of the page at the “account holder” section, with the date.

How to return Justine products 1


Hand the picking slip, together with the products, to your upline, in a clear plastic bag. She will sign the document and add it to the next batch of returns which need to be sent.  She will fill in and give you back the bottom part of the form as your proof of handing it to her or you could use an app like camscanner android app or the camscanner app for iphones to scan the page once she has signed it, eliminating the need to keep a paper copy.  (I personally prefer scanning the entire page, so that I also have a record of each product I have sent back for a credit.  And the app is FREE. Bonus!)

You will receive an sms once the credit has been processed on  your account.

Exchanging products

Products are NOT automatically exchanged for a replacement if you send any products for credit. If your customer would like to purchase a different product instead, go ahead and add it to your next order with all the other customer orders you place.

Returning damaged products

A product is considered damaged if any of the following applies:

  • The product arrived unsealed which lead to product leakage
  • The pump activator (creams, foundations, etc) or trigger (body sprays, perfumes) does not dispense or spray.
  • Any other obvious reason for the product not to work as intended

Complete the picking slip as above, but use code 01 for damaged products in the R&A code column. Remember to contact your upline to make arrangements to get it to her.

Should you want the exact product again, go ahead and add it to your next batch of orders if the price is still the same. Alternatively, contact the service desk via email at [email protected] with a copy of your scanned, signed picking slip, and ask them to place the item on your back order.  It will then be shipped with your next order.  Your email should look something like this:

Good day

My Justine Account number is {insert your Justine account number here}

Please add code {insert the product code here} from invoice number {insert the invoice number here} to my back order.

I have given the damaged product to my upline to return.
Please see attached signed picking slip as proof of the return.


{insert your name here}