How to submit a Not-in-box claim

A “Not in Box” claim must be submitted if you find that your invoice states that an item was packed and charged for, but it was not in the box when you unpacked it.  This is a rare occurrence, as boxes are checked before they are sealed, but should you experience this, here’s what to do.

NOTE – It’s imperative to submit your claim within 40 days of the order invoice date, as it will be rejected if received after this period.



Make a copy of the relevant picking slip for that order (never send the original)


In the corresponding line, indicate the amount of products with that code you are claiming as not packed in the column R&A QTY.   In this example, we are claiming 1 x A-Firm Time Reversal Night Cream (product code 4602)

How to submit a not in box claim 1


Using the R&A Codes on the right, write code 22 in the next column, since that is the code to be used for NIB claims.


Using the invoice which came with this product, write the price that you were charged (not the price in the brochure) for this item.


Sign the bottom area marked “account holder” and scan the page using a regular scanner if you have one, or alternatively you could use an app like the camscanner android app or the camscanner app for iphones to scan it.  (This app is fantastic for scanning, and its FREE!)


Email the scanned picking slip & a copy of your ID to [email protected]  You will receive an autoreply to confirm that your email was received, with a corresponding claim number


The NIB team will check the documentation for your order.  This could include camera footage of your packed box before it was sealed, and compare it to what you have indicated was not packed.

If it is found that you were charged for an item/s that was not packed, the NIB team will send an instruction to the relevant department for your account to be credited with the amount that was charged. You will receive an email indicating that your NIB claim was approved.

conveyer belt with boxes


  • DO submit your claim well within the 40-days of the invoice date.  If your claim is received after this period, it will automatically be rejected.

  • DO include a copy of the your ID, AND the correctly completed picking slip. Follow the steps above exactly and you will have no rejections.

  • DO allow up to 7 working days for the NIB process to be completed.

  • DON’T forget to check your email for correspondence about your claim.  If your claim is rejected because of a missing ID or picking slip you will need to submit again with the correct info to stay within the 40-day window.

  • DON’T use any other method for NIB claims.  Telling your upline,  sending an email query to the general queries department, or calling the service desk to inform them about the missing item/s is NOT part of the NIB process. It has no impact on your claim.

  • DON’T submit a NIB claim for shorted items.  If you are unsure about whether you were charged or not, read this page for more information