As discussed in section “unboxing your order” your first order of every campaign will include, along with the rest of your order, a consultant magazine called the Just For You.

  • The golden rule about your consultant magazine – NEVER, EVER SELL FROM THE JUST FOR YOU

  • This publication is a sales tool  exclusively for YOU the Justine Consultant and is designed to support and maximise your brochure sales.

  • It is NOT a brochure.  You should NOT sell products to your customers from the Just For You.

  • You do NOT receive a discount on any offers in the JFY.  The price you see is the price you, the Justine Consultant, pay.

  • It features certain products the MONTH BEFORE it is available to customers in the main brochure. This gives you a chance to order demo offers at even lower prices, and to get early access to products which you can demo to your customers.

  • All products are always limited to 1 per consultant, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. If you are allowed to order more than one it will be made very visibly clear that you may do so.  You would typically be allowed more than one in the case of a sample sale, or “surprise packs” which head office makes available from time to time.


Get the inside scoop on new products being launched in next month’s brochure.  It could also be rebranding and improvement of an existing range of products that are being relaunched.

You get to purchase 1 of these offers as a demo to show your customers.

Purchase next month’s special offers at an even lower price.

These are usually also featured with training about that specific product, which will help improve your product knowledge.

Show potential earnings if you sell specific products.

These are usually special offers and bundle offers which will help you grow your sales for the month.

See current incentives and competitions for the month and/or the quarter.

The incentives and competitions in Justine are absolutely fantastic! Our consultants have won products, cash prizes, weekend getaways, trips overseas and even brand new cars!

Purchase samples and sales aids to boost your business.

Purchase extra brochures, samples to give to customers, plastic bags to deliver your orders in, and more.