After your application to become a Justine Consultant is processed, you are assigned a Justine account type.

Your account type is assigned based on your credit score.

Should you wish to run your business on a pay-as-you-go basis, you are welcome to request this to be changed at any time.


All institutions offering credit are required by law (National Credit Act) to do a credit check before granting credit, and may not grant credit if the applicant is already at their affordability limit, or is over-indebted.



  • You pay Justine upfront before the products are dispatched.
  • You either collect the money from your customers when they place the order with you OR
    collect the money from the customers when you deliver their order
  • The products will not be dispatched to you until full payment has been received.


  • This account type is usually granted if the credit bureau scorecard allows.
  • You will be requested to pay a deposit of R250 into your Justine account, to get a temporary credit limit of R1000 for a 3 month trial period
  • During the trial period you are expected to:
    • Place at least 1 invoiced order on your Justine account EVERY month for 3 consecutive months.
    • Pay the invoice so that the payment is reflecting in the account on or before the due date.

    If you stick to this for the entire 3 month trial period, your Justine account credit limit will be doubled to R2000 AND your deposit credited back to your Justine account.

  • If you skip a month by not ordering, or if your payment is not reflecting in your account by the due date, your account will be reverted to a Pay as You Go account, and your R250 deposit will be credited back to your Justine account.

21-DAY CREDIT ACCOUNT (SA only) / 30-DAY CREDIT ACCOUNT (Namibia only)

  • If your credit bureau score allows, you will be granted a credit account.
  • The credit amount you receive is based on your credit score.
  • All orders you place are invoiced and dispatched immediately, provided there is enough credit in the account to process the order.
  • You then deliver the orders, collect payment immediately, then pay Justine and pay yourself.
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