Justine Incentive August 2019

Win with Midnight Eau de Parfum! Our incentive for this month is oh-so-snazzy! To celebrate the launch of the sensual new fragrance, Midnight Eau de Parfum, Justine is giving away 100 Limited Edition blue silk robes.  So luxurious! And there's also the opportunity to win 1 of 5 La [...]

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Justine incentive July 2019

Who wants to earn eWallet cash? Can I get a whoop whoop?!   Justine is giving us extra cash just for doing what we do anyway, selling our most loved products! This month you could stand a chance to win 1 of 90 ewallets up for grabs. All you have [...]

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How to track your Justine order

Once your order is invoiced, a request is sent to the Justine warehouse for the order to be packed.  The order is packed, checked, contents photographed and box sealed with a tamper proof seal.  The box is then collected by the relevent courier company and taken to their [...]

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How to order Justine by SMS

NOTES ON SMS ORDERS: Your sms must be sent from the number that is registered on your profile. All sms orders for your account number will be ignored if sent from a different cell number. If there is a problem with your sms, you will receive a [...]

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