How to track your Justine order

Once your order is invoiced, a request is sent to the Justine warehouse for the order to be packed.  The order is packed, checked, contents photographed and box sealed with a tamper proof seal.  The box is then collected by the relevent courier company and taken to their [...]

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How to order Justine by SMS

NOTES ON SMS ORDERS: Your sms must be sent from the number that is registered on your profile. All sms orders for your account number will be ignored if sent from a different cell number. If there is a problem with your sms, you will receive a [...]

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how to place Justine order online

This is the most popular ordering method for consultants.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.  This can also be done using your phone or tablet, although there is also a mobile app for these devices. BENEFITS OF PLACING YOUR OWN ORDERS YOU are [...]

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Unboxing your Justine Order

On the day that your order is allocated to a driver for delivery, you will receive an SMS notifying you that your order is on its way. RECEIVING YOUR ORDER You will be expected to sign for the box (if its a large order it could arrive in [...]

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