welcome to the team


Congrats on joining the number one direct selling skincare company in South Africa, and one of the fastest growing teams in Justine, Team Diamonds.

I hope you are going to find it useful, so that you can make a SUCCESS of your new Justine business.


Before you start the training, please do the following:

  • Save my number as a contact on your phone (0834979816) as René Woodenberg – Justine BL

  • Send me a WhatsApp message to say Hi, remember to include your name and surname. Then say “please remember to send my account details”. This is so that I am then prompted to save your number as a contact too, and to send your details which will include your district number, sales manager, etc.

  • Once I send it, please create a new contact on your phone called “Justine details”.  Then under phone number you can save your Justine account number, for example.

  • Alternatively, you can use an app like Colornote to create a simple note on your phone with the account details.