One of the most important lessons I learned early on in my business is to be consistent. By being consistent, your customers can count on you to be there when they need to place an order, to help figure out what’s best for their skin type, etc.  No customer wants to deal with that flaky, inconsistent consultant who only places an order once in a while and delivers orders late.

So how do you ensure consistency?  I have personally found that creating a routine, and knowing how to do the day-to-day tasks by myself is the best way to ensure consistency, and helps me manage my business with a lot more ease and confidence.  Knowing what needs to be done, and how to do it, helps me to be more prepared, and keeps me from wasting my time on unimportant tasks, and the dreaded procrastination we can often sink into so easily.

How much time you choose to put into your business is entirely your choice. So whether you choose to dedicate 30 minutes a day, or 3 hours a week to your business, all I ask is that you give it 100% of your attention during that time.

Being in control of your own business is going to have a real impact on your earnings, this I can promise you.

So these next sections will be about:

  • how to create your business routine
  • How to do the day-to-day tasks in your business