unboxing your justine order

On the day that your order is allocated to a driver for delivery, you will receive an SMS notifying you that your order is on its way.


  • You will be expected to sign for the box (if its a large order it could arrive in 2 or more boxes, sign for all of them).
  • Check that the box is still completely sealed and has not been tampered with.
  • Sign where your name is indicated on the courier’s delivery sheet


  • Open your box and take out the batch of pages located inside.  Don’t discard it, its important!
  • As you unpack each product, mark it off on your invoice.
  • If anything is damaged or missing, you will need to follow the relevant process to resolve it.


Your batch of pages will consist of the following:

  • Picking slip – Please DO NOT throw this away. You will need this for any returns OR NIB Claims.
  • Statement – All transactions on your account for the last 3 months (any payments made after the invoice was printed will not be reflecting on this statement)
  • Tax Invoice – All the charges for this order
  • Payment Reference sheet – Will contain the balance due on your account as well as the different ways to pay your account

Store your documents in a safe place, like a lever arch file, for your records and in the event of a future query.


Your invoice is divided into easy to read sections:

  1. Order information
    contains your account number, and invoice number as well as the invoice date
  2. Campaign products
    This section lists each of the products you were invoiced for, as well as the amount you earn
  3. Products without discount
    This section will list all items you may have ordered from the Just For You magazine, including all brochures. If this is your first order for the current campaign, you will always get charged for 2 brochures for the next month.
  4. Free items
    These are all printed material like incentive flyers, any correspondence from head office, and your free brochure.  Any free items from special offers you ordered for your customers will also be listed here. (Like buy-one-get-one-free offers, for example).
  5. Items ordered, not supplied
    These are the products that were not in stock at the time your order was invoiced.  These items are automatically placed on your back order, and will be sent with the next order you place, provided that item is in stock at the time of the next order.  You are NOT charged for shorted items.
  6. Charges
    This section will contain the admin fee for the order.  If your order is more than R2500, you will not be charged the admin fee.
how to read your Justine invoice