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11 Great Tips For Finding Justine Customers


Now that you’re a Justine Consultant, who will you sell to?

Building  a customer base is a key step to growing your new Justine business.

While you may start out with your friends and family, to ensure that you have a successful business where you reach your income goals, you should aim for at least 10 customers ordering from you each campaign (a calendar month).

Here area few ways that you can grow your customer base.

Offline Methods

This Memory Jogger will show you how to make a list and also help you with ideas for what to say to your potential customers.

When contacting your potential customers, always remember to emphasise what’s in it for them.

Keep in mind the acronym TINY – Their Interest, Not Yours.

  • Use the Power of 3.  Show your brochure to 3 new people every day, ask your customers to show your brochure to 3 of their friends. Remember to include your contact details on the brochure before handing them out.
  • Ask your family & friends to share your printed brochure with their friends and colleagues. Remember to pop in a printed order form for easy ordering.
  • Host a Justine Party. You can host this at your home or ask your friends to be a party hostess at their homes and invite their friends. Consider adding a theme to your party for added fun and enjoyment all round.

Online Methods

  • Share your estore link & digital brochure using WhatsApp & other social media. This lets customers shop when its convenient for them and choose a delivery option that’s suited to their personal schedules.
  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to share your digital brochure with their phone contacts and on their social media.  Let them share a product review of how well the products worked for them, with a link to your estore/social media profile where potential customers could contact you.
  • Host a virtual Justine Party. Host a virtual party using Facebook LIVE in a group, or any other video platform.

More Ideas

  • Offer incentives to those who help you in your business.  For example, if your friend brings you an order from one of her friends, you could offer them a discount on their own order, or a batch of samples.  The sample sales in the Just For You consultant brochure are a great time to stock up for such opportunities.
  • Be your own shop window.  Wear and use your Justine products.  Customers will see that you have confidence in what you sell, and you will be the proof that your products do what they say on the container.  The next time someone mentions how your skin is glowing, or how beautiful that shade of lipstick is on you, is a great conversation starter that could mean a potential customer for you.
  • Share your products.  If you work in an office, keep your hand cream on your desk to share with your colleagues.
  • Carry your Justine brochure with you.  Keep one in your handbag and in your car. You never know when you may bump into a customer.

I hope you enjoyed these 11 great tips for finding Justine customers.  There are so many innovative ways and different approaches you could use to ensure that your customer list grows from month to month.   It’s all about thinking about ways that will serve your customer best that will keep them coming back to order from you time after time.

Lastly, keep these words where you can see it often as a reminder. On your phone, at your desk, on your vision board, wherever you will see it.

The more who know

the more your business will grow.



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