You’re done with the first section of the welcome training. Well done!

You may have by now submitted your first customer orders.  Use these tips to help grow your business.


Invite your family and friends to look through your Justine brochure.  Use our team’s Memory Jogger to help you start your customer list.  These are the people you will approach to take a look at your paper brochure, as well as send your WhatsApp brochure to.


Inform your customer list of your uniquely South African skincare, fragrance and body products. Show them what they can buy from you.


Inspire your customers to get excited about Justine products by letting them test and try the products and samples.


Boost your selling confidence by following this great advice:

  • ALWAYS go through your brochure thoroughly before the start of every month so you are familiar with it. Avoid the embarrassment of fumbling through the brochure when your customer asks about a particular product or special.   

  • ALWAYS go through your Just For You, so that you’re aware of any special demo offers, product training and incentives that you could qualify for.

  • Invest in more brochures.  1 brochure can serve up to 5 customers.  So pass them out, and ask for them back, and then hand them out to the next customer.  Remember to add your contact details to the brochure, and let the customer know which day you are placing your next order so they don’t miss your orderering day.

  • Learn as much as you can on our team website and from any free training workshops you may be invited to

  • Share your electronic brochure via email and social media to increase your sales


Providing the best possible customer service means that you’ll have repeat orders and increased sales. Use these tips to ensure satisfied customers in your business.


  • Keep track of what each individual customers purchase regularly.  Ask them about the products they love, so that you can remind them about a special offer that you know they will just love
  • Anticipate when your customer is going to run out of their favourite product and will need to reorder.  You could ask these sample questions:
    • What are you low on that I can help you to re-order?
    • Have you seen the great special offer on your favourite product this month?
  • Keep a lever arch file with printed pages with your customers’ details, or otherwise, use a spreadsheet to keep customer information


  • Ensure your customers receive the new brochure every month
  • Let your customers know if you are unavailable (if you’re going on holiday, or on leave for a personal matter, etc)
  • The Fortune is in the Follow Up.  Follow up with customers a few days after you have given them the brochure.  Leaving a brochure with the customer and expecting her to contact you when she is ready, is as good as throwing money down the drain. Customers lose numbers, they get busy and forget, so make a note to contact her for her order.
  • Follow up if you made a delivery, by asking your customer for feedback.  My favourite line to ask is “how are you loving your products?”. It starts a positive conversation between you and your customer.


  • Personalise your approach.  Remember that people do business with people they know, like and trust.
  • “Treat your customers like royalty, and they will give you loyalty”.  This is one of my favourite quotes when it comes to ensuring repeat business.  Treat them with respect, and be grateful that they choose to spend their money with you instead of some other consultant.
  • Remember Justine’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your customer is protected by the consumer protection act, and is within their right to request a refund or replacement.  Remember to stick to the rules regarding returning products.
  • Always conduct your business with honesty, integrity and professionalism. NEVER mention anything that you might be struggling with regarding your business, in front of or to your customers. This speaks more of your inability to resolve a problem, and your professionalism than anything else.
  • Get comfortable with selling.  As a Justine Consultant you are a direct seller.  People won’t look at you funny if you show them the brochure and ask them if they’d like to order.  Remember when you told someone about the restaurant you found with the best food ever? When you tell people about why you love the Justine products, you are doing the very same thing.  And that is what makes them buy from you.